Sukuk Issued by SPVs in Iran Capital Market-2020

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  • Wednesday, 30 December 2020 15:51

Total size of Sukuk issued by SPVs in Iran Capital market from 2011 to Dec. 2020 is 704,180 billion IRR and total outstanding sukuk equals 628,120 billion IRR.
In 2020, Iranian corporates issued different types of sukuk including, Ijarah, Manfaah, MBS and Murabaha totaling 110,800 billion IRR; and share of Iranian government in Islamic finance through SPV needed sukuk issuances was 100,000 billion IRR.

After the growing trend in Sukuk issuances volume in recent years, it has stabilized in 2020 with a slight drop.

While Sukuk Al Ijarah is the favorite structure of many issuers with 56 issuances, Manfaah structure with only 12 issuances has the greatest share in the issued Sukuk volume.